You can make your own doughnuts at home? (yes you can!)

Happy Bank Holiday May Day everyone! I hope that you have lots planned and the sun is shining wherever you are! Are you like me and you wake up on your day off going “what can I bake?” Well how about some doughnuts! I know, I know, you just get them from the shop, but it is not true. They are not too tricky to make, and boy is it lovely having a freshly made doughnut.


  • 210g strong white bread flour
  • 7g packet of fast action yeast (14 if using fresh yeast)
  • 15 caster sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt (about 2g)
  • 20g butter, at room temp
  • 65ml milk, warmed
  • 45ml tepid water
  • 1 egg (55g without shell)

How to

Get a plastic bowl and put in your flour, salt, sugar and yeast (keep the salt away from the yeast at first as it can ruin it!). Get your butter, water and milk and stir them together to melt the butter a little. Don’t worry if it doesn’t do it much, you’ll be mixing it all together soon. Add the liquids and egg to the dry ingredients and mix. The easier way is to get your hand in there, or if you don’t want to get too messy, use a dough scraper.

When it is altogether, you should have a rather sticky ball…if it is sloppy at all you might need to add a little more flour. When you have it all in one, put it on your worktop, but with no flour. Flour just adds more to the mixture and will make it drier. Yes it will stick on your worktop…we don’t mind! I have made a little video to show you how to knead sticky dough. It is just a little video made on my iphone…I will be doing some better ones in the future…let me know what you think of this though.


When you have kneaded the dough, leave it in the plastic bowl covered in clingfilm for around 45 mins – 1 hr (doubled in size).

When it is done, put it back on the surface and just squash it a bit to get the air out. Do this gently. Then divide it into 6 balls (around 70g each if you followed the ingredient measurements above). Leave to rise on a floured surface (not a lot but you don’t want it to stick) for another 45 mins. I use a plastic container to do this.

cheap proofing drawer anyone can have!

cheap proofing drawer anyone can have!

When done, heat up a small pan of vegetable oil. Loads of recipes say 1-2 litres…I use 1/2 when just making this quantity. The tricky thing with less is keeping the temp. You want it about 160 degrees centigrade. I use a sugar thermometer and keep changing the heat on the pan! If you have a larger amount of oil, this will stay more consistent.

When hot, lower with a large slotted spoon into the oil. It is silly hot, so don’t try and drop it in with your hands. It might splash and you will have a very nasty burn. I can fit two in the pan. Cook for 3 mins then turn over.

frying you doughnuts

frying you doughnuts

Take out with your spoon and put on a plate. Dab with kitchen towel. Then roll in some caster sugar…I add some cinnamon for extra tastiness.

When all done and slightly cooled, it is time for the jam. I use an icing gun, but you could stick it in an icing bag instead. Raspberry or strawberry is usual, but why not try something else! Squirt in until it starts all coming out!

Squirt in your jam

Squirt in your jam

You are done! Now you can eat them, yay! Don’t they look yummy?

Oh yum!

Oh yum!

Let me know what you think and if the video was useful to you. I will soon make more and of better quality!

Have a lovely day! x


  1. Thanks so much for that brilliant demonstration on how to knead sweet dough! I would never have known how and would have made a complete mess of it. Now all those doughnuts are making my mouth water so I’d better stop looking at them…

  2. Excellent video! I had actually never considered how the jam got into doughnuts before! But now I know. They look scrum my, can’t wait until Henley Bakes is up and running (although I will probably have to do a lot of running to burn off all the delicious calories…).

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